7 Reasons why your friends will alienate you

Once how close friends, inexplicably alienated! All this is Why?

You are asking questions and are sad, but you forget to reflect on yourself! Perhaps the reason why your friend alienates you is yourself!

Here are 7 reasons why friends are estranged from you!

Seven Reasons for Friends to Alienate You

Everyone has his own different experiences, and his personality and psychology are different, but the main reason for whether the relationship between friends is getting more and more tense is the understanding of “friendship”.

Many people feel that society is becoming more and more realistic, and many people use friends as tools. This is a change in their understanding of “friendship”.

There are seven reasons for the deterioration of the relationship between friends:

Interest dispute

Pure friendship is based on trust.

But now people can’t trust each other, once there is an interest dispute, they will all fall apart.

Many friendships break up because of interest disputes, so you should always reflect on yourself and maintain a normal interest relationship with your friends.

In addition, you need to reflect on whether you still owe money to your friends. If you forget, you can ask your friends.

Different values

Like-minded is the ideal state for friends to communicate, but this situation is really rare. Daily communication between good friends tends to be more frequent. If major values often diverge when getting along, friendship will gradually become estranged over time.

You need to learn to understand your friend and accept his values, but if there are too many differences between you, you need to consider whether you need this friend.

Sometimes, you cannot completely change your values because of a friend.

Personality difference

Personality differences can produce psychological distance. If you like something and your friends lack it or not, this is a big problem.

If your friend can accept your personality and hobbies, he will become your good friend. If he cannot accept it, he will alienate you. This is normal.

Actual distance

Think carefully and you will find that your friends always seem to be by your side, Why is this?.

It’s a very simple question, because distance can make feelings fragile. So why did the human race have “tribes” from the beginning, and no matter which country you live in, you will get married and form a family.

Your friends are far away from you, perhaps because you haven’t talked for too long.

Do not respect and understand each other’s privacy excessively

Everyone has dignity. No matter how good the friendship is, we must respect each other. The essence of interpersonal communication is to accurately grasp the standard.

Especially the privacy of friends, don’t ask what shouldn’t be asked, don’t say what shouldn’t be said, otherwise, the other party will hate you very much, but I’m embarrassed to say that I can only stay away from you.

Use friends as tools

Many people say that friends make use of each other. In fact, this sentence has no long-term vision.

In a person’s life, what is most lacking is a bosom friend and a good bosom friend. If people around you are used as tools, you will definitely lack pure friendship, and one day when you really need help, you will find no one to help you.

Jealous of each other

Jealousy is the most common and the most easily damaging behavior to friendship, but it is also human nature.

People’s jealousy can only happen to those around them. Therefore, friends should be as simple and honest as possible. Even if they are very powerful and rich, they should learn to bend down and associate with others on an equal footing, especially not to show off in front of friends.

Don’t make friends because of too many interests, and don’t talk too much about interests with your friends.


If you want to have pure and strong friendship, you must find a way to be a good friend of others first. You need to:

  • Keep friendly all the time;
  • Trust and let others trust themselves;
  • Don’t make friends because of interests.
  • Find people with similar personalities and hobbies;
  • Respect your friends;
  • Pay attention to protect your friend’s privacy;
  • Be able to understand and take care of your friends when they make mistakes.

I believe you can find your own long-term good friends, come on!

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