Notre Dame de Paris May Be Rebuilded with Big Data

In the future, we may even see an accurate 3D printing model of Notre Dame de Paris.

Even those who have never been to Paris in their life have read Notre Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo in their textbooks.

The cathedral is located on ÎledelaCité, an island on the Heart Plug River in downtown Paris. Its iconic flying arch, Rose window and rib vault structure are considered to be one of the best models of French Gothic architecture.

The numerous precious works of art in the collection are priceless world cultural heritage.

Notre Dame de Paris is considered one of the best models of French Gothic architecture.
Notre Dame de Paris is considered one of the best models of French Gothic architecture.

The miracle that took a century to build was set on fire in a 63-minute fire

At 6:30 p.m. local time in Paris, a fire broke out in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The fire spread rapidly and the steeple and roof of the church had collapsed.

The magnificent church on the Seine River was built in 1160 and took 100 years to complete in 1260. It is about 760 years old. It has undergone several renovations and is now experiencing another major setback in its long life.

After rescue by firefighters, the fire has stabilized and the main structure of Notre Dame de Paris has been preserved.

However, the fire has caused the top of Notre Dame de Paris to collapse, the upper half of the left tower to be burned down, and the world-famous the rose window to be destroyed.

The cause of the fire is still unclear. According to the Associated Press, no one died in the fire. Relevant departments said that they would try their best to rescue the works of art in the museum. At present, all the works in the museum have been basically transferred and preserved.

French President Macron said on Twitter: The flame of Notre Dame has engulfed Paris and grief has swept through France. At this moment, I feel very sad. A small part of our hearts have been burned by the fire.

Macron also vowed to rebuild the cathedral and said he would seek international help.

He said that a nationwide fund-raising campaign would be launched on Tuesday and called on the world to assist in this work[1].

Macron told reporters. “We will rebuild Notre Dame de Paris, because this is what the French expect, because this is our history and this is our destiny.”

Billion Points of Data “Rebuild” Notre Dame de Paris

Rebuilding Notre Dame de Paris is by no means an easy task. However, Notre Dame de Paris is still lucky compared to the Old Summer Palace that was set on fire a century ago.

According to the report of NationalGeography, as early as 2015, art historian Andrew Talon used laser scanning to record the whole picture of Gothic cathedral very accurately.

Billion Points of Data "Rebuild" Notre Dame de Paris
Billion Points of Data “Rebuild” Notre Dame de Paris
Billion Points of Data "Rebuild" Notre Dame de Paris
Billion Points of Data “Rebuild” Notre Dame de Paris

This precise laser scanning took several years. The scanning points covered more than 50 locations inside and outside the cathedral. Every detail in Notre Dame was scanned several times and the data was transmitted back. Finally, more than 1 billion data points were collected.

At present, although the actual cathedral can no longer be restored, the digitized Notre Dame de Paris is still accurately preserved in the human world.

But through this data retention, it is possible to rebuild Notre Dame de Paris, and future generations can still see its magnificence.

For a long time, the tools used to measure medieval buildings were almost as old as the buildings themselves: plumb, ropes, rulers and pencils. Using them is tedious, time-consuming and error-prone.

The laser scanning has accurate precision and will not miss anything. When scanning each time, the spherical PANORAMIC PHOTO is captured at the same position in the same three-dimensional space, and then the photo is mapped to the scanning point generated by laser. Each point becomes the color of the pixel at that position in the photo, creating a three-dimensional image of the cathedral cumulatively, which can be accurate to 5mm.

Therefore, the final PANORAMIC PHOTO is very accurate.

Notre Dame de Paris May Be Rebuilded with Big Data
Notre Dame de Paris May Be Rebuilded with Big Data

The data are spliced together to form a “pointcloud” with 1 billion points. Finally, the light and shadow effects are added to create a very realistic and accurate three-dimensional model.

This three-dimensional model not only can clearly show the whole picture of the cathedral, but also can assist the visual research of the internal structure of the cathedral.

In an interview, MIT engineer JohnOchsendorf said: “you can’t just fly a helicopter over a building, even if you have finished scanning.”

Indeed, Gothic cathedral’s brilliance lies in every detail inside, while Talon’s scanning technology is sufficient to make 3D printing of a small Bourges cathedral, remodeling the church from the top of the roof, the top of the vault, the interior of the stairwell, and all hidden spaces that people usually cannot see.

In the future, we may even see an accurate 3D printing model of Notre Dame de Paris.

At present, Talon Open Source has released all the Gothic churches he scanned and rebuilt, and has built a 3D museum of Gothic churches online, including Notre Dame de Paris.

Like many people who grew up in Paris, Talon is crazy about Notre Dame de Paris. He has a guidebook for tourists, which he wrote all over like a madman.

When he moved to Paris with his mother in the fourth grade, his mother was studying papers on drama history. He said: “I am eager to know everything about Notre Dame de Paris. Who made this building? How did they do it? Can I join in? “

In November last year, Andrew Talon, an art historian who spent years scanning Notre Dame de Paris, died. It may be lucky for Talon not to see his beloved Notre Dame destroyed by the fire, but his 3-D restoration of Notre Dame will remain forever in the digital world.

Other digital data will assist reconstruction

In addition to Talon, many organizations have also kept Notre Dame de Paris and related information numerically.

I have to mention Google Arts & Culture, which is really lucky for mankind. it has continuously moved museums around the world online with high quality and is free of charge, including Notre dame de Paris.

In addition to artists, some foreign media quoted an introduction from a previous interview with game designer CarolineMiousse, saying that during the production of “Assassin’s Creed: The Revolution”, the staff had spent more than two years studying the structure of Notre Dame and, together with historians, made an accurate digital restoration of the appearance of Notre Dame de Paris, which may become an important reference material for restoration.

It is precisely because of the existence of such people and institutions who love art and technology that Paris and the world can expect the cathedral to be renovated and opened again.

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