10 natural and effective methods to prevent mosquito bites

Mosquitoes thrive in every dark corner. In order to avoid mosquito-borne diseases, you must prevent mosquito bites.

The best way to avoid mosquito bites is to prevent contact with them from the beginning.

Here are some simple ways to help you prevent mosquito bites.

How to prevent mosquito bites with simple methods?
How to prevent mosquito bites with simple methods?

Statistics show that various mosquito-related diseases such as malaria, yellow fever and dengue fever have increased.

Mosquitoes often appear in places with low humidity and stagnant water……

You can stay at home at dusk and dawn to avoid insect bites, which is the most active time for mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are also denser in areas near forests and rivers.

Here are some effective ways to prevent mosquito bites without irritating your skin and affecting your health.

Don’t leave standing water

Mosquitoes need water to breed, so drain all the water.

The places you want to clean may include bowls, ditches around the house, garbage cans, flower pots and vases. ……

Choose the right clothes

Bare skin is more likely to be the target of mosquitoes-there is no doubt about it.

If you need to go out or be in a place with more mosquitoes, wearing long-sleeved clothes and trousers is a wise choice.

If you want to avoid mosquito bites, you’d better avoid thinner clothes, which may make you the best choice for mosquitoes.

Eucalyptus oil

Adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil to bath water can prevent mosquito bites.

This smell can help you avoid mosquitoes coming near.

Turn on the ceiling fan

Flying animals such as flies and mosquitoes do not like to move under ceiling fans.

Installing ceiling fans to drive away mosquitoes, especially in summer, is a choice of killing two birds with one stone.

Mosquitoes don't like the taste of mint. You can use mint to drive away mosquitoes.

Dried orange peel and mint leaves

Some studies have shown that mosquitoes do not like the smell of mint and tangerine peel.

You can use orange peel or mint leaves, then put them into a net bag and put them in the corner.

After a period of time, mosquitoes in your room may leave because of the smell. It is better to place them near you.

Cover the food well

In order to control flies and mosquitoes in your home, you’d better place your fruit in a refrigerator or a closed place. These foods are one of the targets of mosquitoes and flies.

Not only that, but also try not to put other food on the bare table. You should have a special cabinet for food storage.

Mosquitoes are repelled by lemon grass

You can use lemon grass essential oil to drive away mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can’t stand the taste.

Lemon grass is harmless to skin and does not contain harmful chemicals. It is a good choice.

However, according to research, lemon grass has a mosquito repellent effect of only 30-60 minutes, so this may not be a long-term solution.

Dry your sweat

Sweat is one of the ways for mosquitoes to find you. If you have too much sweat and sweat, you may be the mosquito’s next target.

If you sweat, take a bath and dry your body as soon as possible.

Plant some plants

There are some effective mosquito repellent plants, including citronella, lavender, basil, mint, wormwood and marigold.

Close the door when the sun goes down

The easiest way to prevent mosquito bites is never to forget to close your window when the sun goes down.

When the sun goes down, mosquitoes are most active.

In addition, clean the house neatly to avoid forming an environment suitable for mosquitoes.

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