6 family method helps you reduce the indoor temperature (no air conditioner)

Continuous use of air conditioning is the solution to keep the house cool, but it will cause electricity tariffs to soar, which you do not want to see.

For hot weather, we actually have many natural family methods, which can help you to cool your room without using air conditioning.

If your house is dark, it may absorb more heat energy.
If your house is dark, it may absorb more heat energy.

Choose the right curtains

Choosing the right sunscreen curtain is a good solution, which can save some electricity for your family.

Curtains can prevent hot sun rays from entering the room directly, thus reducing the heat of the sun.

Those sales may recommend very thin and gorgeous curtains to you, but you should choose curtains that can resist sunlight.

Curtains do not have to be applied to windows. If the glass on your door is transparent, you can also use curtains.

In addition, you should open the window when the sun is not so strong, especially when the outdoor temperature drops.

Opening your window will help your house become ventilated, which will help to improve your indoor air and temperature, but pay attention to prevent mosquitoes!

Plant plants around the house

Planting a large number of trees around your house is the most effective insulation solution in your home.

Green trees can filter the air, reduce dust, resist the radiation of the sun … help your house keep cool, reduce by a few degrees compared with outdoor.

A plant called Parthenocissus tricuspidata is an ideal choice. It can completely cover your wall to help your house resist the sun.

Of course, as you think, you should pay attention to two defects:

  • This is not an effective method in the short term.
  • This may lead to a lot of mosquitoes around your house.

But don’t worry, we introduced how to deal with mosquitoes in this article!

Restrict the simultaneous use of multiple household appliances

Using multiple household appliances at the same time not only “consumes” electricity, but also makes the indoor temperature hotter.

You need to avoid using the equipment at the same time and arrange to use each equipment correctly at home.

Sun-shading device for roof

In order to cope with hot weather, you can install sunshade devices on your roof, because your roof is the main source of heat absorption.

Such as roof sunshade, sunshade plastic foam, fake ceiling, heat-resistant gypsum, etc. can all play such a role.

Their principle is to form a layer of device similar to reflecting sunlight on your roof to prevent your roof from absorbing too much solar radiation and becoming hot.

You can look for local services online to ensure warranty service.

Spray water on the roof

This is the simplest way, it only requires you to have a family pump and a long plastic pipe.

Spraying water on your roof and walls (especially cold groundwater) can help you reduce indoor heat, which is an environmentally friendly and low-cost method.

Change your room

You need summer style rooms: lighter colors, more ventilated indoor environment and cooler indoor supplies.

Don’t let your furniture and living things crowd together, you should create a ventilated and clean space.

You can buy ice mats online to help you cool down.

Choosing summer sheets is also a solution to make your room more ventilated and a way to make your room cooler.

You should choose blankets and pillows made of 100% pure cotton fabric, which have thin and breathable materials to give a soft feeling when touching the body.

You can also learn from China’s practice of using bamboo mats and pillows in summer to help you sleep well.

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