7 basic Google Adsense optimization techniques to improve website revenue

7 basic Google Adsense optimization techniques to improve website revenue

Recently, I communicated with my Chinese webmaster friend the skills of google adsense to improve income. After practice, I applied several simple skills to the website and achieved remarkable results.

Now I’d like to share these skills with you. I hope these skills can also make your advertising revenue soar.

7 basic Google Adsense optimization techniques to improve website revenue
7 basic Google Adsense optimization techniques to improve website revenue

Seven basic skills for Google Adsense optimization:

1. Try not to use the default settings

Holding control in one’s own hands, choosing default is like buying a lottery ticket to choose a machine. In the end, you miss a lot of opportunities to make money.

I’m not denying google’s AI capability. Google Adsense has done its best to make advertising more automated. They also increase your income through continuous experiments.

However, AI is not a human being. You must recognize this and look at websites that rely on Adsense for a living. They will never automate advertising.

Why? Advertising automation will be continuously tested on your website. You don’t know how long it will take or whether it will affect your user experience.

It is the best way to make adjustments according to the situation of your website, and the specific adjustment strategies will be discussed below.

2. Don’t make advertisements look like advertisements

Don’t be dizzy. Indeed, more and more advertisements are spread around us now. You turn on the TV, walk on the road, enter the elevator, and even some gay men will be startled to find a small advertisement screen telling you the topic of men.

Of course, you don’t want to click on a web page just to see full-screen advertisements, or even to see advertisements.

One thing you need to know is that 90% of the visitors on your website have the ability to distinguish what is content and what is advertisement.

When they find that the value of your content is not enough for them to tolerate advertisement, they will not hesitate to leave.

What should I do? The best way is to let the advertisement naturally blend into the corner of your website. Your users know that it is an advertisement, but they can tolerate it and even think that it belongs to that corner.

How can we make advertisements look different from advertisements?

3. Incorporate advertising into the content of the article

Does your website have a low income? This may not be because your website has fewer visitors.

Nowadays, users are getting more and more expensive. You need to pay attention to the experience of each user instead of focusing on the traffic data every day.

In fact, the revenue from Google Adsense does not necessarily require much traffic, but most people do not understand how to optimize Google Adsense.

Some websites can use 1,000 visitors to earn 5 dollars or more, which is not a myth.

Choose the right size and place the advertisement in the right place, which will make your visitors pay more attention to the advertisement after browsing the content of the article.

If your website is qualified, you should choose Google’s latest matching advertisement.

According to Google officials, such advertisements can quickly increase the revenue and the number of views on your website.

Matching content is a free service, which can help you publicize the relevant content in the website to website visitors, thus increasing the page views and the stay time of users on the website[1].

Google's matching content ads will help you increase your income and PV.
Google’s matching content ads will help you increase your income and PV.

4. Try not to choose picture advertisements.

Why not choose picture advertisement?

Picture advertisements look too abrupt, not to mention some Flash advertisements, just like neon lights.

It’s not saying loudly, “hey! I am an advertisement, please don’t order me! “

In the same sentence, combine your advertisement with your website to achieve unity in form and content, so that users will naturally click on the advertisement as part of the website content.

5. Make advertisement an extension of website content

Advertising should be an extension of website content. Visitors are attracted to your website content and see advertisements with relatively high content relevance, which in turn leads to advertisement clicking behavior.

This is in line with the principle of Google Adsense advertising, positioning according to content, showing the greatest relevance!

How to do this?

You can’t just rely on Google’s matching ability. If your advertisement location and color matching are incorrect, you still can’t get a good number of clicks.

You can choose:

  • Place your advertisement between the articles
  • Place advertisements in the positions of relevant articles.
  • Choose google’s “Matched content unit”

However, please remember that the user experience is always the first.

6. High quality website content

High-quality and original website content is not only the cornerstone of success, but also the basis to ensure the correct matching of advertisements.

On this basis, there will be the most relevant click-through behavior of advertisements, and then the click-through rate and eCPM of advertisements can be increased, and finally the advertising revenue can be increased as a whole.

Therefore, it is necessary to improve the writing level so that Google can understand the theme of your website more deeply and push more suitable and valuable advertising content for you.

A good tip is to create content according to users’ needs.

If you only create content for SEO and revenue, your blog will make you feel bored and irritable.

You should write articles as a visitor, so that you will have endless high-quality content.

I want to write an article about mango, so my visitors may need:

  • The price of mango
  • Benefits of Mango
  • Nutritional Value of Mango
  • Are mangoes allergic?
  • Can babies/pregnant women/diabetics eat mango?

You see, in a very simple few seconds, I have a lot of topics, of course, this is only a big aspect, you can continue to subdivide.

Google will become more and more intelligent. You don’t need to delve into how to insert keywords into your articles and headlines every day.

Provide high-quality content that users really need and be patient, and you will see very good results.

7. Remember a bottom line

Always remember a bottom line when making any changes to advertisements and placement choices, and do not touch the policies and specifications issued by Google Adsense.

Read and study the articles carefully and don’t regret it when the advertising account is closed.

Google is much smarter than you think, trying to fool him with some tricks, but in the end it is only you who suffer.

Don’t fool your website, your visitors and Google. You need to do it seriously and you will succeed.

These are the 7 simple ways I have provided you to increase google adsense revenue. Do you have any questions or ideas? Leave a message to let me know!

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