5 Methods for eliminating cockroaches in the home (confirmed effective)

When a cockroach appears in your home, you may not want to kill it, but after a short time, you will find many cockroaches large and small in your room.

Killing cockroaches in your home is a matter that cannot be delayed. If you indulge this small animal, sooner or later you will be frightened by its reproductive ability.[1]

Cockroaches not only have amazing reproductive ability, but also have many disadvantages:

  • Carrying bacteria and spreading them everywhere;
  • Bring disturbing smell to your home;
  • Cockroaches may damage your books, furniture, etc. because they are omnivorous animals.
  • Cockroaches may attack humans when food is insufficient.

You need some methods to kill cockroaches, and kill all eggs and offspring of cockroaches at the same time, otherwise you will never kill all cockroaches.

We have summed up five feasible methods, hoping to help you.

Killing cockroaches in your home is a matter that cannot be delayed. If you indulge this small animal, sooner or later you will be frightened by its reproductive ability.
Killing cockroaches in your home is a matter that cannot be delayed. If you indulge this small animal, sooner or later you will be frightened by its reproductive ability.

1. Change the living environment of cockroaches

Repair the leak

Living cockroaches need water. They can not eat for a month, but they cannot not drink water for a week.

Find out all leaking water sources in the home and repair them. When water is scarce, cockroaches can easily fall into your trap-cockroach bait or other traps.

Keep the room clean

Wipe the room regularly with floor cleaning water. The first place you need to pay attention to is the kitchen.

After dinner, wash the dishes, carefully hide the surplus food and clean up the food residue, which is cockroach’s favorite food.

Put the food in a sealed box, do not store expired food. Don’t put fruit on the table.


Recycle garbage regularly and don’t let waste food stay in the garbage can for too long.

Cockroaches are omnivorous animals. Even paper can become their food. If you live in a place with many cockroaches, then you need to be more diligent than others-cleaning garbage cans many times a day.

2. Use cockroach bait

You can buy cockroach bait online or in shops to deal with annoying cockroaches. This is the most effective and long-term method at present.

Cockroach bait is a food that attracts cockroaches. It contains chronic poison. It may be packed in boxes that children cannot open, or it may be gelatinous. Some cockroach bait will be designed in small boxes that only cockroaches can enter.

Cockroaches will eat poison, and the bait will not take effect immediately. Cockroaches who eat the bait will be poisoned after returning to their nests. Finally, all cockroaches will eat the body of the cockroach and will be poisoned at last.

Put the bait in a place where you know cockroaches infest, such as under the sink, in the corner of the wardrobe or in other dark places.

The closer to the cockroach nest, the better, so that more cockroaches can eat the bait and take it back.

The active ingredient in most cockroach bait is 0.05% fipronil or 2% flumizone.

Cockroaches eat poison and return to their nests to excrete or die. Other cockroaches will also die when exposed to poison.

This method takes weeks to kill cockroaches.

After the first batch of cockroaches are eliminated, their eggs will hatch, more cockroaches will be poisoned, and the cockroach nest will disappear slowly and forever.

If you don’t want to buy cockroach bait, you can choose to make it manually.

Mixing the same amount of boric acid powder (non-granulated), white flour and white granulated sugar can kill cockroaches.

Boric acid powder is usually sold as cockroach killing powder. You can also buy it in a pharmacy.

Sugar and flour attract cockroaches, boric acid kills them.

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3. Use pesticides or soapy water

Buy insecticides that deal with cockroaches and contain cyfluthrin or other active ingredients.

You need to strictly follow the following steps:

  1. Put all food, tableware and clothes in a sealed place to prevent pesticide residues on these items.
  2. Spray this insecticide on the place where cockroaches may appear, then close all windows and doors, and people need to leave the room and keep it closed for 30 minutes.
  3. Open the windows and doors in 30 minutes and enter the room after 10 minutes of ventilation.

Most pesticides are harmful to human body. You need to protect yourself and other people in your family when spraying pesticides to prevent inhalation of pesticides.

You can also use soapy water to kill cockroaches. This simple method can kill adult cockroaches.

Dilute soap with water (bath soap can be used) and do not make it too thick to block the spray head. Spray or splash it on cockroaches.

Only two or three drops of soapy water can kill a cockroach.

Make sure soapy water touches the cockroach’s head and lower abdomen. If you can turn the cockroach upside down, you’d better spray it on the stomach.

Cockroaches will run away or try to run away, but suddenly will not move within 1 minute, and will die or be dying directly.

Soap water forms a film on cockroach pores, effectively blocking the pores through surface tension, causing it to suffocate to death.

Throw away the cockroaches as soon as possible, otherwise the cockroaches may recover when the water dries up or if the soapy water does not touch most of the body area.

4. Use cockroach traps

Sticky cockroach traps sold in shops can trap cockroaches.

The principle of this method is the same as that of cockroach bait. The cockroach trap will use delicious food to lure cockroaches and stick cockroaches when they enter so that they cannot escape.

This method is not perfect: you just caught a cockroach and it has no effect on its nest.

You can use a mineral water bottle to make your own cockroach trap. Simply put some food residue or drop a few drops of sesame oil into the water bottle, and cockroaches will be attracted and cannot climb out of the water.

Prepare a plastic soda bottle, cut off the bent part and place it upside down on the bottle body. It looks like there is a funnel in the bottle.

Fix it with adhesive tape in a circle. Pour a little soapy water into the bottom of the bottle and place the trap where cockroaches are found. They will climb in and drown in it.

You can also add soapy water to the bottle to kill cockroaches that fall into the trap.

5. Other ways

Put the camphor tablets at the corners of the house, cockroaches are afraid of these smells.

If you want to kill cockroaches immediately, it is possible to spray alcohol.

Natural cockroach repellents are essential menthol, cucumber rind, citrus bark, garlic, and clove oil. Leaving these things in the house also makes cockroaches not want to be close.

Insert the fluorescent lamp into the kitchen cabinets and light up, or light up any area you do not want to have cockroaches. Cockroaches are very afraid of light.

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Tips for Killing Cockroaches

Once you start killing cockroaches, you have many precautions to follow:

  • Extinction: once the cockroach’s living environment starts to be destroyed, it will no longer be a timid animal. cockroaches may attack humans due to food shortage in extreme environments. when you make up your mind, you must eliminate all cockroaches.
  • Cleaning up dead bodies: Apart from the dead bodies of cockroaches killed by cockroach bait, you should clean up the dead bodies of cockroaches. Cockroaches will eat the dead bodies of the same kind to ensure their survival.
  • Pay attention to sterilization: If your room is full of cockroaches, you should pay more attention to disinfection of items in the room. Cockroaches may crawl anywhere when you are not paying attention-don’t underestimate their ability to spread bacteria and viruses.
  • Wash before going to bed: if you don’t wash your hands and brush your teeth before going to bed, and there is food residue left on your mouth, then you may have a sweet kiss with cockroaches in your sleep-you certainly don’t want to do this, do you?

Next, are you ready for a war with cockroaches?

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