8 simple and effective heartburn home remedies (no medication)

Heartburn is a common gastrointestinal discomfort symptom, and we relieve it through family therapy.

Do you suddenly feel pain in your chest or heartburn one day, and have you ever experienced hot and sour things pouring from your chest to your throat, causing a very uncomfortable feeling?

Heartburn is a symptom of gastric juice retrograde to esophagus, which will make you very uncomfortable-it is also a disease regardless of age.

Taking medicine may relieve your heartburn, but we want to provide you with a family therapy to relieve heartburn and help you improve heartburn through a natural diet.

Research shows that you can better customize your lifestyle, especially your eating habits. This is an effective family therapy-stay away from drug therapy, which has side effects.

Heartburn is a common gastrointestinal discomfort symptom, and we relieve it through family therapy.
Heartburn is a common gastrointestinal discomfort symptom, and we relieve it through family therapy.

Heartburn is very common

In fact, retrograde gastric juice to esophagus is a very normal physiological reaction, because the human stomach collects some gas through swallowing, food fermentation and blood seepage.

When its content exceeds a certain value, it will naturally exhaust excess gas through esophagus and oral cavity. This is why we sometimes burp.

At ordinary times, we don’t feel any discomfort, because when the blood and oxygen supply of esophageal mucosa is sufficient, it can completely resist gastric acid erosion.

However, once these protective functions are damaged, the gastric acid gushing up will make people feel uncomfortable.

There are many symptoms of gastric acid reflux. The most common standard symptom is burning sensation, which happens to be located in the chest.

Therefore, sometimes patients will say that they have chest tightness, dyspepsia, or upper abdominal pain, etc.

Some people will be misdiagnosed as bronchial asthma or allergic asthma because the poured gastric acid burns the larynx and choking into the trachea, thus forming pharyngolaryngitis and asthma.

Regarding gastroesophageal reflux, in 2005, 1,900 people were surveyed in the United States and Europe, 55% of whom said they had trouble sleeping at night[1].

More data show that as many as a quarter of Americans may suffer from heartburn and acid reflux at night.

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8 family therapy for heartburn

If you find yourself or your family members suffering from heartburn, don’t panic first, it is common.

We have some family therapies to help you relieve heartburn, but if your condition is serious, please contact your doctor for help.

1. You don’t need to quit everything

People with reflux symptoms usually get the advice that coffee, tea, chocolate, fried food, highly flavored food and alcohol must be stopped.

In fact, you don’t need to remove all of the above from your diet.

Record what you eat and when you eat for a week. For example, coffee on Monday, chocolate on Tuesday, etc.

So you can easily see what you should eat and what you should not eat. Few people will feel queasy about everything. You should not refuse all food because of heartburn.

2. Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet may have a better effect on gastric acid reflux than drugs.
Mediterranean diet may have a better effect on gastric acid reflux than drugs.

Researchers from new york recently compared the effects of coffee and smoking combined with drug therapy with those of Mediterranean diet (large amount of vegetables, fruits, whole wheat products, nuts, fish and small amount of meat) without drug therapy.

To this end, they studied 85 people who took one or two gastric acid inhibitors and followed common nutrition advice, while 99 people who only ate Mediterranean diet but did not take drugs[2].

What did the research find?

In the group that followed the Mediterranean diet, 62.6% of the people had improved gastric acid levels, compared with 54% in the group that took gastric acid inhibitors.

Although this is only a small study and the difference is not very big, it means that a healthy diet may be more effective for heartburn and you don’t have to hurry to take drugs.

3. Wear loose clothes

This may sound ironic, but whoever has reflux symptoms should avoid wearing tight clothes.

This will increase abdominal pressure and make it easier for stomach contents to flow into esophagus.

4. Sleep on your left

Researchers do not know exactly why this works, although a possible explanation is simply gravity.

When you sleep on your left, where your esophagus connects to your abdomen, stomach acid sinks down. If you sleep on your right side, just the opposite happens.

5. Eat as early as possible

You can choose to eat dinner a few hours before going to bed as much as possible, so as to fully digest the food and reduce the pressure on the stomach.

According to NHS advice, patients with heartburn should not eat for 3 or 4 hours before going to bed[3].

So try to eat a bit earlier in the evening, so that there will be at least two or three hours between dinner and going to bed.

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6. Increase the headboard of your bed

Raise one end of your bed by 10 to 20 centimeters by placing something under the bed or mattress-your chest and head will be higher than your waist level, so stomach acid will not move to your throat.

This is very understandable, but pay attention to control the height, otherwise your neck may be uncomfortable.

7. Don’t be too strict for yourself

The stomach is strongly connected to your brain and stress can affect reflux.

So don’t be too strict, and occasionally give yourself a coffee or cigarette bag for example.

8. Lose weight

A large belly may be one of the causes of heartburn, so are you ready to lose weight?

Overweight people usually have digestive problems.

Experts believe that the risk of gastric acid reflux is proportional to the increase of body mass index, especially those with large stomachs are more likely to have heartburn.

The best way to adjust lifestyle is to reduce high-fat foods and lose weight.

Regular exercise is very important, but some bending exercises should be avoided because they will aggravate gastric acid reflux.

You can choose the way you feel comfortable.

Our summary

The above are 8 family therapies to relieve heartburn. I hope they are useful to you.

In addition, some natural foods and drinks can also help relieve heartburn discomfort:

  • Ginger is peeled, crushed and soaked in boiling water to make ginger tea, which can relieve pain.
  • Bananas will attach to the mucosa of the esophagus to form a protective film.
  • Almond milk is an alkaline food, which can help neutralize acidic food.
  • Aloe juice can resist inflammation and treat gastrointestinal diseases.

These items are worth trying to see which is more appropriate.

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