Meditation brings you four “miracle” changes

Meditation is a method of keeping fit, especially in Asian countries. Meditation is considered to be the best method of cultivation. It can help you cultivate your mind and body.

Meditation is characterized by “quietness”. Chinese martial arts and Asian Buddhism all emphasize meditation as a basic skill.

According to Chinese traditional culture, meditation can help people regulate their mood, prolong their life span and enhance their brain function[1].

In June 2018, the news that the “wild boar” football team from a school in Thailand’s Chiang rai province was trapped in a cave caused a sensation. Twelve teenagers lived in narrow caves for two weeks, but they persisted through meditation[2].

After the collective rescue, meditation has become a topic of renewed concern. What magic power does meditation have to make teenagers so calm, calm and strong?

What good is meditation, a tradition similar to yoga, to you?
What good is meditation, a tradition similar to yoga, to you?

Meditation helps reduce anxiety and metabolism

Most of the time, these football team teenagers have no food in the cave.

When they entered the cave, they thought they would come out soon, so they left all the food outside.

After they were trapped in the cave, the main problem they faced was that they did not have food and water-not enough air.

Emotional anxiety makes people suffer even more. Meditation helped them in these two aspects.

Meditation in the absence of air will slow down your breathing, slow down the metabolism of the whole body, help people to keep calm and reduce anxiety.

So the boys were able to survive with little supplies during those days when they were trapped in the cave.

Little knowledge: if you know the elevator survival knowledge, you will know such a truth, when trapped in the elevator, you must not panic, slow down breathing, yelling will only make you consume precious oxygen faster.

In terms of physiological indicators, meditation still helps them a lot.

When rescuers agreed that the boys had little chance of survival, they were able to maintain a calm mind and a healthy body and finally cooperate with rescuers to rescue them. Frankly speaking, this is a miracle.

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to train the brain and body

Because of the plasticity of human nerves, we can train the brain to produce different reactions, and meditation is one of the most effective training methods.

Studies show that through meditation, both areas of the brain responsible for attention and stress relief are improved[3].

Meditation helps us reconnect with the neural network, allowing us to focus more, reduce distractions, and better shift our attention to the position we want[4].

Not only that, meditation also improves inflammation[5].

A few decades ago, our research found that when people meditate when they are sick, they can fight against diseases more effectively.

Meditation can also lengthen telomere, the “protective cap” at the end of chromosomes, and the longer the “protective cap”, the longer one will live.

If the “protective cap” shrinks due to age or trauma, people may die early. So meditation is actually training your body to live longer.

These changes confirm that meditation can prolong life span and make people healthier.

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Meditation strengthens one’s self-discipline and learns to understand others

Meditation can enhance our ability to adjust our emotions. When confronted with conflicts, we can treat them more calmly and have room for emotional buffer instead of fighting back immediately.

Meditation can also make our spirit more concentrated and clearer. when talking with others, we can pay more attention to other people’s changes and understand other people’s emotional state, thus being able to put ourselves in others’ shoes.

You may learn such a phenomenon in TV plays or in your life: those Buddhist or Taoist masters always speak slowly, as if they have seen through some and are patient.

Meditation enables you to think more, to learn to be calm, and to look at everything more patiently.

Meditation can relieve pain

Pain is another important issue in our research.

We met a lot of people with chronic pain. Drugs did not help them. They needed to train themselves how to deal with pain.

Meditation can obviously relieve pain. When we try to fight against pain, pain will produce more pressure in the body.

When we relax, the physical pain decreases.

In the process of meditation, when we learn to stop fighting physical pain, we will feel the relief of pain[6].

Mindfulness-based meditation has repeatedly been found to significantly reduce chronic pain symptoms, and meditation can relieve neuropathic pain and psychological pain.

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Many people find it difficult to meditate and calm down. If you want to form a new habit, it is very helpful to find a family member who can accompany you in your efforts, or find a friend who supports each other, or have a new social relationship to support this new habit.

You need to enjoy the meditation process, but don’t expect things to change overnight.

You should know that small changes can have a great impact. In this process, you can feel how your mood and mentality change and how your body and health will change with the passage of time.

In this way, you can continuously confirm the above mentioned benefits from your own experience.

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