What are the spiritual benefits of meditation?

Meditation is also important to your mental health, whether based on science or tradition.

For a long time, the spiritual benefits of meditation were misunderstood.

We have published an article on the benefits of meditation before. We know that meditation can help people adjust their mood, prolong their life and enhance their brain function[1].

But what about the spirit?

We come from different countries, contact with different cultures and believe in different religions, which makes us have different understanding of “spirit”.

For some people, the spirit only represents a relatively sober state, while for others, the spirit may represent: life and death, reincarnation, love, truth and so on …

When we associate these spiritual things with meditation, magical things will happen-whether it is scientific understanding or traditional saying-meditation is undoubtedly of great benefit to our spirit.

So, what are the details?

Meditation is also important to your mental health, whether based on science or tradition.
Meditation is also important to your mental health, whether based on science or tradition.

First of all, we need to understand a definition: what is spirit?

If explained from a scientific perspective, spirit refers to one’s consciousness, thinking activities and general psychological state. Continue to expand we can link it to interpersonal relationships, personality, etc. I believe you can understand, right?

If you want to explain from some religious and traditional levels, we can expand the spirit into reincarnation, God, cause and effect, very abstract things.

Knowing this, it is easier for us to understand the relationship between meditation and spirit:

The Benefits of Meditation to Spirit

For the convenience of viewing, we first listed a general list, and then explained in detail the parts in the list:

  • To help you see things correctly
  • Give a person a calm mood and happiness.
  • Help you find your goal
  • Increase self-realization
  • Increase sympathy
  • Increase your wisdom
  • Let you know yourself and others more deeply.
  • Bring harmony in body, mind and spirit
  • Deepen the Level of Spiritual Relaxation
  • Improve oneself
  • Help to Learn Forgiveness
  • Change one’s attitude towards life
  • Build a deeper relationship with your God
  • To help you live in the present
  • The ability to create a broad and profound love
  • Power and consciousness are discovered beyond self
  • You will have a “sense of security or knowledge.”
  • Increase synchronization in your life
  • To help you reflect on yourself
  • Help you reduce your stress
  • A simple way to pray
  • Build confidence
  • Helps control thoughts.
  • Raise one’s attention
  • Increase creativity
  • Increase consistency of brain waves
  • Improve learning ability and memory
  • Increase vitality and feel rejuvenated
  • Help you keep Gao Chi in a stable mood
  • Delaying Mental Aging
  • Helps eliminate bad habits.
  • Develop intuition
  • Improving Family and Work Relations
  • Help to ignore unimportant issues
  • To improve the ability to solve complex problems
  • Foster willpower
  • Improve communication between the two cerebral hemispheres
  • More effective response to stress events
  • Improve perception and performance
  • Improve job satisfaction
  • To improve the ability of intimate contact with loved ones
  • Reduce the possibility of suffering from mental illness
  • Improve social behavior
  • Reduce your aggressive character
  • Help to quit smoking and drinking
  • Reduce the demand for and dependence on drugs, tablets and drugs
  • Reduce the need to recover from lack of sleep
  • Need less sleep time, help to treat insomnia
  • Strengthen one’s sense of responsibility
  • Reduce anger
  • The idea of reducing unrest
  • A tendency to reduce anxiety.
  • Improve listening and empathy skills
  • Helps produce more successful judgments.
  • Acting in a constructive and thoughtful way will bring you peace.
  • It allows the development of a more balanced and stable personality
  • Develop psychological maturity

Does it look good? But many of these are not based on scientific basis, but based on some phenomena and traditional summary.

Although meditation now seems to be recognized by the world, most of its benefits have no scientific basis. They may even be a placebo effect.

It has been proved that meditation can be applied to psychology to reduce depression, stress and anxiety[2]. Meditation can also reduce pain appropriately[3]. However, there is no definite evidence for sleep, attention and positive mentality[4].

However, we still try to list some evidences to prove the relationship between meditation and spirit. On the other hand, what the existing science has not proved does not mean that it does not exist.

What good is meditation, a tradition similar to yoga, to you?

Promote the development and growth of the brain

At present, several neuroscience analyses have shown that the brain is more plastic than imagined and can reestablish communication between neurons. In other words, our brain and nerves may be reshaping and renewing forever, instead of being static.

According to some neuroscientists, meditation can promote brain remodeling and structure[5].

The benefits to nerves

According to a German study and book records, meditators have a more stable alpha rhythm and are therefore more able to relax themselves[6].

Meditation is a method that helps stress response and sleep.

Reduce inflammation of nervous system

A scientific study by neuroscientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that meditation reduces stress and markers of blood inflammation that cause chronic inflammation.

Meditation can help relieve stress, and relieving stress can help relieve inflammation.

But according to this study, simply reducing stress can also relieve inflammation of the nervous system[7].

Meditation Reduces Anxiety and Increases Compassion

In this study[8], 30 people who have gained many years of meditation experience were instructed to focus on meditation at a three-month seminar held in the mountains.

An experienced teacher instructed the participants to carry out exercises aimed at improving mental clarity, relaxation and stability. We should treat ourselves positively and strengthen our sympathy for others.

In the survey at the end of the seminar, all participants noticed positive changes. They feel more flexible, more compassionate, less anxious and can concentrate better.

In the same way, they can better restrain their habitual behavior patterns, are more purposeful, and hold a positive attitude towards life. After five months of follow-up, these effects can still be observed.

Meditation Improves Social Communication and Character

Mental health can promote life and physical health, because mental health improves your character and attitude towards life, thus affecting your material life.

Meditation and prayer reduce anxiety and depression, increase social skills and improve cognition and intelligence.

Meditation can also reduce your anger and outburst.

A study at the University of Massachusetts shows that meditation not only improves inner balance, but also improves memory, increases self-awareness and reduces stress.

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) can prove that meditators have more gray matter in the field of brain emotion regulation than the control group without meditation[9].

Meditation Improves Memory

As a study by the University of West Virginia reveals, meditation and listening to music are one of the simple measures to prevent memory loss.

Meditation and listening to music can significantly improve participants’ memory and cognitive performance within three months.

If it lasts for another three months, a total of six months, it can maintain or even improve cognitive ability and enhance memory[10].


As you can see, many studies have proved the benefits of meditation, but some scientists have warned us that meditation must be treated with caution.

The impact of meditation on our mental health exists-whether based on scientific research or other-meditation does indeed calm some people down rather than rage and collapse.

Even a few minutes of meditation can help you sort out your current situation and then help you think about how to solve the problem, which is why most people like meditation.

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