Hot weather: What should you eat and drink?

Watermelon is a good choice in hot summer.

Bright sunshine does not always seem to make people happy, does it? When you feel hot, you may want to drink iced drinks or eat ice cream. However, this is not the best way. You may also experience side effects, such as diarrhea. What you eat is especially important in hot weather.

In the previous article, we introduced some measures to combat the heat, such as:

This article is also centered on this topic. We are looking for a way to solve the heat through diet.

Yes, in hot summer, what should you eat, here will be the answer.

Watermelon is a good choice in hot summer.
Watermelon is a good choice in hot summer.

Eating in Hot Weather

On a hot day, you can enjoy an easily digestible meal: salad, cold drink, cocktail, steamed or baked dish.

Fresh herbs can be added to dinner: parsley, basil, thyme, coriander and oregano.

It is best to avoid fried and indigestible food, which will make you lose your appetite.

If you have a bad appetite because of the heat, you can choose to eat less for each meal and eat more.

Although the heat causes your appetite to drop, your body still needs basic nutrition, minerals, vitamins and water to maintain health and function.

Don’t stop eating, think of some way to enrich your diet!

Hypothermic food

Food eaten by humans will affect their body temperature. Food can play a warming role as well as a cooling role.

If you want to cool down, the best way is to eat some food rich in water. Cucumber is a perfect choice. It contains up to 95% water.

You have the following perfect choice:

  • Strawberries,
  • Watermelon,
  • Pumpkin,
  • Pineapple,
  • Mangoes,
  • Green pepper,
  • Oranges,
  • Lettuce,
  • Celery.

Fruit and vegetables

Apart from refreshment and water, vegetables and fruits will be an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

That’s why they should be the basis for meals in hot days. The sweating process leads to high potassium losses. Great sources of potassium are: tomatoes, celery, beetroot, bananas, apples, peaches or apricots. Thanks to antioxidants, vegetables and fruits will help protect the skin against free radicals and aging. They will also ensure its proper hydration. A β- carotene and lycopene protect the skin against harmful effects of sunlight.


Children like ice cream best on the hottest days.

When the heat pours down from the sky, young people and adults will choose this delicious dessert. They bring freshness and coolness.

Unfortunately, this effect is very short-lived. Finally, eating them will have the opposite effect. Ice cream contains a lot of sugar and calories (207 calories per 100g[1]), which means you will feel hotter in the coming days!

Scientist Peter Putvillette pointed out that ice cream and other very cold products, as well as foods with high calories, generate heat during digestion.

Anti-hot beverages

It is very important to drink moderate amount of water in hot weather. You can choose cooled water or drinks.

To diversify your taste, you can add lemon, orange, mint, strawberry, cucumber and lime.

It is worthwhile to limit the intake of strong coffee, tea and alcohol on hot days. They increase the water released by the body, thus promoting dehydration.

Iced coffee may be a good solution. On the other hand, sweet drinks, instead of quenching thirst, will aggravate thirst.


In hot weather, you need to pay attention to supplementing water, which can be done by eating fruits or drinks (except sweet drinks and coffee, alcohol).

If you need other ideas, refer to the first few articles of this article, which is also an essential practical skill to fight the heat.

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