How do I know if my dog needs calcium?

It is very important to know whether your dog is calcium deficient, just like people, dogs need enough calcium.

Dogs, like us, may have deficiencies of some minerals necessary for their health. However, identifying this fact can be difficult, because they do not communicate as we do to know if they feel bad. So, how do you know if a dog is calcium deficient? If it happens, how to give your dog the right calcium supplement?

We’re going to dedicate this article to that, to show you how to know if your pet needs calcium and how to deal with the problem.

It is very important to know whether your dog is calcium deficient, just like people, dogs need enough calcium.
It is very important to know whether your dog is calcium deficient, just like people, dogs need enough calcium.

Identifying these problems is not always easy because they cannot convey their discomfort or needs. So, how do we know what dogs need? Let’s see how to know if your dog needs calcium supplement and how to solve it.

Why is calcium so important?

Calcium is crucial to the good growth and development of our dogs and is an essential nutrient element to promote bone strength.

First of all, as a puppy, your pet should have a lot of calcium because it will be a very important element in its development.

However, this does not mean that when dogs grow up, the calcium content in their diet will decrease a lot.

According to a study, if your dog lacks calcium, it may have problems with its body shape and is more prone to fracture.

How do you know if your dog is calcium deficient?

The first and simplest method is to observe your dog’s body and its growth rate. If you notice that your dog is very thin, not big enough, or his bones look too thin, this is an obvious sign that your dog lacks calcium.

This is very important because calcium-deficient dogs are prone to the well-known rickets, a bone development symptom that is very harmful to their health.

The second method is to observe whether your pet has muscle spasms or convulsions. Although this may be a symptom of calcium deficiency, it may also mean other diseases, so don’t take it for granted. Take your dog to the vet to see what the problem is.

Dogs that need calcium may also have arrhythmia, tachycardia, disorientation or fatigue.

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What if my dog needs calcium?

Every dog according to its age, whether puppy or adult, will need an amount recommended by calcium doctors.

Therefore, in order to avoid a lack of calcium, it is necessary to know how much of this substance your dog needs according to his age, as well as to observe that the type of food you buy has the recommended amount.

But what if your dog already lacks calcium? The first thing you should do is to change his food for a better quality. Never give your pet pills or any other type of medicine, even if it is natural, that is made for humans. This could make things worse rather than better.

Now, if your dog has a lack of calcium, giving him more than he needs will not improve anything. You should give him the exact amount and always supervised by the vet, who will tell you for how long you should give him the calcium.

How much calcium does your dog need

If your dog is an adult, the average calcium requirement per kilogram of body weight is about 120 mg.

On the other hand, if he is still a puppy, he needs 320 milligrams per kilogram of body weight.

In the best quality dog food, you will find these quantities and a table showing how much your dog needs other basic minerals for his health.

Remember, if your dog lacks calcium, under such circumstances, osteoporosis, rickets and other diseases can be caused.

Osteoporosis will make your dog’s quality of life very poor, because it is easy to break bones, which will lead him not to become a normal, fun and happy dog.

We are sure you don’t want your pet to go through this, so please pay attention to any signs of calcium deficiency that may occur and solve the problem as soon as possible.

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