Why does your dog always like to dig holes?

Dogs dig holes for many reasons, such as finding or hiding food.

Some dogs just can’t help it. Leave them loose in the yard and the temptation is too great. Their front legs become a crazy set of buzzing garden tools as they furiously prepare to dig a hole. Although you don’t find flying dust super cool, digging holes is a very natural behavior. There are many reasons why they do this.

Dogs can dig just for fun when they learn that the roots and soil move when they dig holes, according to the Humane Society of the United States. Dogs that hunt for fun often do this when they are left alone outside to find their own entertainment and have no toys, playmates or other means to spend their energy.

They can dig to play if they are an active breed or even if they have seen you digging for gardening and want to do the same thing.

Dogs dig holes for many reasons, such as finding or hiding food.
Dogs dig holes for many reasons, such as finding or hiding food.

Dogs Dig Holes: Escape, Cool and Hide

Some dogs dig because they’re trying to escape. They think they can get over the fence, so why not try it? Your dog may be trying to get to something or stay away from something. They may just see something they want to pursue, want to escape from the confinement, or may be dealing with separation anxiety.

How do you make them stop? Place iron wire at the bottom of the fence or bury the fence at least 30cm deep. If your dog is still stubborn, place a big stone at the bottom of the fence.

Dogs can simply dig a hole to find a cooler place to escape the heat of summer. In a colder and raicier climate, they may be trying to find protection from the elements of the weather. Dogs can also dig to try to find water.

Veterinary surgeon Wailani Sung said: “they will also dig for earth or other substrates, such as straw or sand, to bury things they want to keep for later use, such as their favorite toys, or to find things they have hidden in the past.”

This is based on genetic behavior, the ancestors of dogs will bury food.

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In order to find food

Puppies dig holes in the ground or underground in search of insects or other prey. They can hunt ants, even slugs they see on the ground.

Although your dog may find it interesting, you may not want the backyard to be full of craters.

Once you find your pet’s motivation to dig a hole, you can take measures to prevent it from beautifying your yard.

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