Complete Guide: How to Make Girls Like You Step by Step?

Complete Guide: How to Make Girls Like You Step by Step?

If you like a girl, the most important thing is not to show yourself too hastily. You need to make girls feel good about themselves step by step through the right methods.

Complete Guide: How to Make Girls Like You Step by Step?

Give the girl a good “first impression”

For a girl, the first impression is very important, if she thinks you are a worthy person, you can pursue the following. On the contrary, your dream will be shattered.

Desire to do better

The most important thing is to let the other party see your ambition.

The greatest charm of a man lies in his success in his career, but it is difficult for young boys to achieve great success. At this time, you must make the other party think that you are a man with ambition.

You must tell the other party that you are full of confidence in the future, that you are not satisfied with the present situation, and that you have a long-term plan.

Sense of responsibility

To be confident and responsible, don’t be like a child. Girls are lazy and hope to find a support. You must show your confidence and responsibility.

Appropriate ridicule

Don’t be too serious, but also don’t be too casual, when the ridicule is appropriate ridicule.

Girls like humorous men, so don’t seem to pay special attention to everything, it is too inflexible.


If you have obvious mood swings in everything you meet, I’m sorry, you may not get the favor of girls.

Try to hide your thoughts properly, listen to what others say more, especially when girls talk to you, don’t interrupt her.

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How to make further contact with her

Slow down

At this stage, the most important thing is not to worry, don’t make things so clear, let people see at a glance that you are chasing somebody else.

Favour needs to be achieved with increasing understanding, so the key to the problem is the opportunity you need for further development.

If you show your purpose too early, it will put a lot of pressure on girls.

Don’t pester her

In the process of communication, don’t be too impatient and don’t pester others all day. You will be bored with anyone who does this to you.

It is not good if you excessively pursue a girl at the beginning and want to exist in her “every minute”.

If you do this, you will cause girls to get bored with you and feel that a stranger is taking up too much of her time.

Don’t give gifts casually

It is impolite to give gifts casually. Some people like to buy things and give them away, but chasing girls is the most taboo.

Giving a girl a present for no reason is actually exerting pressure. She will feel that she owes you, so she will think of some way to give it back to you.

If she can’t give it back to you, she will find a way not to associate with you, so as not to always owe you favors.

If you want to show your sincerity, you can try to take girls to dinner and movies together.

Looking for opportunities

If you think the time is right, you can make some small jokes to narrow your distance.

  • Don’t express your purpose too quickly, it will bring pressure to her.
  • Understand your identity and joke as a friend, not a boyfriend.

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Don’t importune the result

No matter how hard you try, it doesn’t mean that the person must have a satisfactory result. Feelings are the same as starting a business. Hard work does not necessarily lead to satisfactory results.

When you can’t make a girl like you, you should learn to face the result.

Don’t be unbalanced. Even if a girl clearly tells you that she doesn’t like you, don’t let herself get out of control.

How to Pursue Different Types of Girls

Next, I’d like to introduce you to different ways of chasing different girls!

How to Pursue Silent and Cold Girls

When you face a cold girl, you may be helpless. In fact, this kind of girls are indifferent in appearance and fanatical in heart. They generally like boys who are more wild.

  • If you want to pursue such a girl, you need to be more outgoing and real.
  • Try to find a common topic with her and make yourself look sunny and cool.

Pursuing girls who like romance

If the type of girl you like is romantic, unfortunately, you may need some financial resources.

This kind of girl seems to be more spiritual than material. As you know, romance needs money to build. If you don’t have enough financial resources, I hope you will think it over carefully.

She needs some elaborate parties, dinners, gifts and small surprises. So, are you ready?

How to Pursue Gentle and Thoughtful Girls

If you like a gentle girl, her voice is very small and she doesn’t like to express herself, congratulations, this may be the best type of girl to pursue.

  • She doesn’t need you to bring her much surprise (of course, not completely). She doesn’t need you to be sunny and handsome. She needs your consideration.
  • You need to pay close attention to every detail of her life and try to take care of some of her thoughts.

In addition, such girls need your greetings, conversations and company every day. If one day you neglect her, she will become very sad.


There are different methods for chasing different girls, but these methods are all auxiliary tools. You need to give your heart and actions to get results.

If you like a girl, but you don’t have the financial resources and handsome appearance, try to influence her with your heart, this is the most effective!

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