Play with balloons: 7 games for you and your baby

Play balloon with your baby, this is a game beneficial to baby's development!

Playing balloons with your baby sounds good! Here are 7 good games for you to choose from and spend a pleasant day with your baby. Of course, pay attention to safety first!

Play balloon with your baby, this is a game beneficial to baby's development!
Play balloon with your baby, this is a game beneficial to baby’s development!

Colored balloons are excellent for stimulating your baby sensory. It can observe colors and movements and at the same time enjoy it.

Mothers should always have colored balloons at hand. They are wonderful to attract the attention of young children. To get to know the world around them, babies don’t need many things.

Games for you and your baby with colored balloons

1. Tie colored balloons to your baby’s ankle

Babies love exercise. Just tie some coloured balloons to your child’s ankles. You’ll immediately notice how enthusiastically he moves his legs and watches the balloons move.

If you put your baby in front of a mirror where he can watch himself, he will have even more fun!

Don’t leave your baby, this game may make your baby fall down, take care of him, and he will forget safety when he is happy.

2. Coloured balloons over the baby cot

It is best to hang them so that your baby can simply touch the balloons without injuring himself or tearing them down.

Your baby will have a good time for a while. As soon as he gets bored, you can set up a nearby fan to make the balloons dance.

3. Helium Balloons

Find a store that sells helium-filled balloons. Then release them in your baby’s room.

Close the door and windows so the balloons can’t escape and turn on the air conditioning or fan. The air will let the balloons wander over the ceiling!

4. Water Balloons

Most babies love water and therefore also the bath time. However, if this is not the case, you can entertain your child with bungen balloons while he or she sits in the bathtub.

Whether your baby is a water rat or not, this trick will delight any child.

If your baby can already sit upright, he may even want to play with himself and the floating balloons for a while.

5. Toys in a balloon

You can make transparent balloons especially interesting with small, lightweight toys. Simply insert the object into the balloon before inflating it.

Your child can see the contents of the transparent balloons and play with them until they burst. Then the toy remains. This is great fun!

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6. Stimulate the sense of hearing of your baby

Balloons are not only well suited to stimulate your baby’s sense of touch and visual perception. They can also be used to stimulate the sense of hearing.

To do this, stand in front of your baby and pick up a balloon. Make the balloon squeak by rubbing your fingers over its surface.

First you will notice your child sitting there quietly and hearing what is happening. But as soon as he realizes that this is a game, he will move his arms back and forth with joy.

7. Use balloons to make your child eat more

If your kid doesn’t like to eat, you can just distract him. Because it probably doesn’t realize how much it eats or what it eats.

Give your baby the balloon he likes best and allow him to play with it while you feed him.

But don’t forget that safety always comes first. Balloons, unlike other toys, can break quickly.

You have to remove the leftovers, because your baby could swallow them if he puts them in his mouth. Allow your child to play with balloons, but never let it out of your sight.

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