6 different types of bibs for your baby: How to pick

Know all about baby bibs and be a good mother.

One of the oldest ways to prevent babies from getting dirty while eating or playing is to use bibs. Read on to learn more about 6 different types of bibs for babies.

Know all about baby bibs and be a good mother.
Know all about baby bibs and be a good mother.

Fortunately, there are many different types of baby bibs on the market today. In addition to being used during meal times, they are also great for other activities where the little ones can get dirty.

Mothers are always looking for useful things to make the challenges of everyday life easier with their little ones. Our article today is therefore about keeping the little ones’ clothes clean during lunch (and other activities).

So when your baby starts putting everything in his or her mouth, it’s worth tying a bib around him or her. In fact, your baby is starting to get creative at this time.

Thanks to the bibs, babies can learn to eat on their own without causing too much trouble for you. They are also practical and comfortable at the same time.

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Different types of bibs for children

Bibs come in different styles and they are made in a variety of materials. In this way they can meet all your needs. When choosing the right bib it is therefore important to know the advantages of all available variants:

1. Traditional bibs

This model is most commonly used as a baby accessory. A traditional bib usually has a rectangular or square shape, with two stripes in each upper corner that are tied around the baby’s neck. They are made of either cotton or terry cloth. For this reason, they are often used to catch the often increased salivation of the little ones.

The sizes of this type of bib can vary. The most important thing to keep in mind with this bib is to buy one that covers your baby’s entire breast. In this way you will prevent your baby from getting wet from salivation.

You can also use the traditional bib to wipe your baby’s mouth when he is drinking milk. Bibs are generally made of easy-to-wash materials.

2. Bandanas

This type of bib is the most popular nowadays. Bandana bibs are an updated version of traditional bibs. They resemble a handkerchief around your baby’s neck to catch his saliva flow.

They are also very pretty. Usually reusable packs are available in different colours. In this way, you can combine them with various sweet baby outfits. They are also comfortable for your baby to wear.

3. Bib for children to eat

These bibs are intended for the different meals of the day. They are usually made of easy-to-clean materials such as plastic, silicone, neoprene or rubber. Most of them have a bag in which food that falls down while your baby is eating can be collected.

They are ideal for all kinds of dirty-related activities, where baby clothes can get dirty. It’s also great for playing with clay or painting because the material is washable, so don’t be afraid.

All you have to do to clean this type of bib is wash it with a little water and soap. Then hang them up to dry. You can also put many of these bibs in the dryer. Then they are ready for you and your baby for the next project.

4. Bib with sleeves

They are ideal for slightly older babies who can feed themselves. The bib covers the entire upper body of the child to keep his clothes from getting dirty.

In general, these types of bibs are made of plastic, although bibs made of other materials are also available on the market.

5. Different types of bibs for children: Ponchos

Ponchos are the largest among the different types of bibs for babies. In fact, they are more like aprons. You pull the poncho bib over your baby’s head to protect his clothes. The little ones can wear this type of bib while eating, painting with their fingers or playing with clay.

6. Tailor-made bibs

These types of bibs are ideal for creative mothers who want to create a unique bib for their baby. Many are looking for different comfortable materials, such as plastic or crochet fabrics. In addition, the creative mothers decorate them with many different accessories.

For example, they use sequins, rhinestones, ribbons and much more. In addition, they almost always embroider the name of their baby on it.

Usually the traditional model resembles a rectangle, but many mothers choose to make and decorate tailor-made bibs with sleeves or even ponchos. In addition, these types of bibs are a wonderful gift idea for pregnant women. Because they are unique and also very useful when the baby is in the world.

So make sure you always have a bib ready when you’re out and about with your baby. Not only does it look cute, the bib also keeps your baby clean and healthy. In short, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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