Make your own ice cream: 6 common problems

Who doesn't want to make an ice cream in hot summer?

When the hot weather comes, you may want to do nothing more than eat ice cream. If you don’t want to go to the store, you can make your own, and it’s not hard. Before you do, read these 6 tips to get more done with less effort!

Who doesn't want to make an ice cream in hot summer?
Who doesn’t want to make ice cream in the hot summer?

At what temperature should the ice cream be served?

At -10°C, it is also the one at the exit of the ice cream maker.

If you have to reserve it in the freezer (-12-18°C), it should be left to “warm-up” in the refrigerator 30 minutes before serving.

What equipment to make homemade ice cream?

If I make a lot of ice cream, I invest in a turbine. This machine works like a mini freezer and allows you to quickly make ice cream, several flavors in a row if necessary. It is larger – and of greater capacity – and heavier than an ice cream maker, and also more expensive, of course.

If I’m just starting out: I choose an ice cream maker that’s much cheaper than a turbine. It works by accumulating cold. Its tank must, therefore, be placed in the freezer at least 12 hours in advance. And I can only make one ice cream every 12 hours. Perfect for occasional use.

Can I make ice cream without an ice cream maker?

Without stirring, the ice will contain flakes, small crystals of frozen water.

To give it a smooth texture, take it out of the freezer often during setting and whisk or mix it with a hand blender.

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The trick to super soft ice cream

Replace one-third of the sugar with glucose, or invert sugar (in professional supply stores or on the internet).

These sugars keep a soft consistency even in the cold and do not crystallize. You can also add a little carob flour: this will make the ice cream smooth and slower to melt.

What is the difference between ice cream and sorbet?

The simplest of all preparations are real granita, made of flavored crushed ice. Sorbet is a sugar syrup with at least 25% fruit puree. These two products have no fat. Homemade ice cream is made with eggs, milk, and sugar, commercial ice cream contains milk, vegetable or egg proteins, fats and sugars. Ice cream, which contains cream, is also the richest in fat.

How to make ice cream with different flavors?

If you want to make cocoa ice cream, add cocoa powder and chocolate, if you want to make matcha ice cream, add matcha powder, that’s as simple as that!

If you want to make fruit ice cream, such as strawberry/mango, you need to chop the pulp first.

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