5 bad habits that will ruin your eyebrows. Stop it!

The eyebrows are sacred to many women (and men!)

We spend a lot of time tidying up our eyebrows every day in the hope that they will be more beautiful, but these bad habits will ruin your dreams. We reveal these bad habits and help you have more beautiful and natural eyebrows.

The eyebrows are sacred to many women (and men!)

Did you feel funny when looking in the mirror? Sometimes it’s just a little thing, but it’s still noticeable. One of them may be our eyebrows, which may be in a bad state. We’ll tell you which mistakes will ruin your eyebrows, and you haven’t even noticed.


Sure, hairspray might be cheaper than a real eyebrow gel. But it’s not better. Hairspray fixes the eyebrows so strongly that you have a lot of effort when removing make-up. And the harder you rub the eyebrows, the faster individual hairs fall out.

The result: gaps in the eyebrows. And that’s exactly what we want to avoid, of course. Besides, hairspray is not exactly skin-friendly …

Plucking during the period

There are days when eyebrow plucking hurts a lot. And there are days when we could fall asleep. If we have our period or are ill, then we are more sensitive to pain. Of course, this also applies to the eyebrows.

Anyone who plucks in pain can take too much away here and there in the heat of the moment so that the whole thing is over more quickly. Not cool! Until that has grown back again, you can already move a few weeks into the country …

Too close to the mirror

The denser the mirror, the better we see the mini hairs that need to go away. It’s logical! Um… no! If you hang super close to the magnifying mirror while plucking your brows, you no longer see how they relate to each other.

Besides, you don’t have an idea of what the result will do in your face. So if you accidentally pluck too much away from an eyebrow, your face can quickly look asymmetrical. Our tip: Always keep an arm’s length distance from the mirror.

Whether everything is really gone, you can, of course, check again in the magnification mirror afterward. But just look, don’t touch!

You’re exerting too much pressure

If you’ve ever wondered why your eyebrows look completely “painted” after filling in, here’s the answer: You’re putting too much pressure on.

Especially with very soft eyebrow pencils, this can happen quickly. Instead of natural eyebrows, we then have striking beam brows. If you can’t assess the pressure so well, it’s best to use products with harder mines. They don’t wear out as quickly either.

Too dark products

The most common mistake when it comes to eyebrows: you use too dark colors. If we resort to products that are far too dark, the brows immediately look super unnatural and far too make-up.

In general, the brows always look most natural when using two different colors. A shade is lighter than your own brow hair and a shade darker. The lighter color is used in the front area of the brows, the darker than for the rear part. Due to the gradient, the whole thing looks really natural.

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