5 Beauty Mistakes Most Easily Made on Hot Days

Make-up error in heat: Woman sits on a tree trunk by the sea

It’s very hot outside! Do you have your own makeup secrets in hot weather? If you don’t know the following 5 points, you may not have studied the makeup carefully.

When it is very hot outside, we will subconsciously do things that we shouldn’t do. Let me tell you who they are!

Summer, sun, beauty traps! Whoever wears make-up at 30 degrees knows that traps lurk around every corner that can make us look horrible after just a few hours. And because we can’t use that at all, we’ll tell you which five mistakes you shouldn’t make in heat.

Powder overload

Make-up error in heat: Woman sits on a tree trunk by the sea

Got into a sweat? Then just put a layer of powder on it. Uh hmmm – stop! Especially if it’s super warm outside and you sweat a lot more in your face than usual, you shouldn’t mattify every two hours with another layer of powder.

That only makes it worse. Instead, take a blotting paper (a layer of handkerchief will do, too) and take the shine off your skin. Most powders break open sometime and the complete make-up just looks crusty and disgusting.

Waterproof products belong on the beach

Wrong! Especially in hot weather you should use waterproof products as far as possible – not only for mascara. There are now also water- or sweat-resistant bronzers, eye shadow primers, foundations, and face primers.

They all withstand sweat and heat much longer than “normal” beauty products – and this is not only practical in summer.

Primer neglect

Apropos Primer. Most of you certainly don’t use a primer in the summer – and that’s where the mistake lies. They help make-up sit better on our skin and some also have a mattifying effect.

So if you have problems with oily skin, you will never want to do without them again. Primers also ensure that the make-up does not wear out unevenly and that you suddenly have spots on your face.

Too many layers

You should not apply too many layers of product. Choose cream or powder products. The more you apply to the skin, the greater the risk that the result will look just cakey at the end of the day.

So choose your products wisely. If you have dry skin, you are super advised with creamy textures, if you have oily skin, you will certainly be happier with powder products in the summer.

No light protection factor

“Yes, we already know that” – if you think so, then you should ask yourself if you really always and above all use enough sun protection.

Not only if we want to sunbathe, but also on stink-normal days in the office, each of us should wear sun protection to protect the skin and prevent skin aging. And no, a foundation with a light protection factor of 10 is definitely not enough!

There are also many tinted care products with a light protection factor – perfect for those who do not want to apply foundation or BB Cream again.

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