5 makeup tips for Scandinavian women: they’re simple

Woman Blond Portrait Girl Beautiful Woman

Scandinavia is not only rich in beautiful women but also famous for its friendliness, so the beautiful women you see are sweet and simple. So, what are the makeup secrets of Scandinavian girls that we can refer to?

I’ll provide you with 5 super simple methods when you apply them, you will also be so beautiful!

Woman Blond Portrait Girl Beautiful Woman

ScandinavianGirls just have everything we want. At least that’s what we think. They are fashionable and always look beautifully styled. But of course they have some secrets – and we’ll tell you about them. With these five tips, you can style yourself just like the Scandinavians.

Foundation is not a must

The Scandi Girls have long since discovered that Foundation doesn’t always have to be. Even if beautiful skin plays a big role, many tend to resort only to concealers to compensate for unevenness.

At least in everyday life. There are now even concealers, which are intended for the whole face.

So the skin still looks supernatural and you can still perfect it. Swedish model Elsa Hosk, for example, always uses two colors to make the result look perfect. She shows how she does it on Vogue’s YouTube channel.

Skin detox

Sauna and Scandinavia somehow belong together, right? And the sauna is also the reason why Scandinavian women usually have such great skin. It’s like a detox for the whole body.

In the sauna, blood circulation is stimulated, which provides the skin with optimal nutrients.

Less is more

The Scandinavian women follow the “less is more” philosophy. They prefer to use skincare basics rather than elaborate beauty routines with countless steps. And they usually keep it easy with make-up as well.

No blatant eye make-up, no elaborate contouring, and no fake lashes. Of course, there are exceptions here as always – but we don’t put on make-up for every occasion, do we?

Blush, blush and even more blush

If there’s one thing the Scandinavians worship despite their philosophy, it’s blush. A lot of it is allowed on the face. But please not too pink or too dark.

It should look as natural as possible – a rosewood shade is always a good choice. Victoria’s Secret Model Elsa Hosk doesn’t just put the blush on her cheeks, she also puts the brush on the bridge of her nose, so the nose looks a bit more sun-kissed.

The color of eyebrows

The Scandinavian women often wear their eyebrows a few shades darker than their hair. This gives them a super defined face and a casual look. Bushy, dark brows often make the face look a little more angular. The rest of the make-up is more reserved, which makes the eyebrows look very strong. We love it – and want to copy the look immediately.

But beware: Eyebrows that are too dark and especially bulky are no longer beautiful. Balance is the magic word! That’s why our Scandi Girls often use powder or gel – that’s how the eyebrows still look natural and not too painted.

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