Clothes swap parties: cheaper and more fun fashion

The wardrobe is packed, but one would like something new to wear. To break the cycle of buying, a clothes exchange party can help. It’s fun and saves costs.

Swapping clothes is a new fashion that updates your wardrobe and doesn't cost you money.

One way to a more sustainable life is to keep clothes in circulation longer instead of buying new ones every season. But the desire to shop only decreases if you still have something new in your closet.

This can be done, for example, at a clothes exchange party. This can be easily organized with your own acquaintances in a small circle.

Each participant is best of all approximately the same size, but otherwise accessories can also be exchanged. The German Council for Sustainable Development recommends that each person bring five to ten sorted pieces with them.

From your own wardrobe, you can take those items with you that you have not worn or hardly ever worn in the past year. Everything should be in good condition and washed. Another tip: You only start exchanging when everyone is there – then nobody feels cheated.

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