Farrah Abraham’s high-forked cheongsam caught everyone’s attention

The stars of film and television are currently strolling the red carpet of the Venice International Film Festival. Time for big appearances in glamorous robes. With a lot of bare skin – in the case of actress Farrah Abraham, it was even a bit too much to see.

Farrah Abraham’s floral robe was slit so high that it showed off part of her bikini bottom

The look of Farrah Abraham in the lagoon city was actually perfect: The “Teen Mom” actress appeared at the premiere of Brad Pitt’s new film “Ad Astra” is a beautiful opulent flower robe by Christophe Guillarme in dark green and pink.

In addition, the reality TV star combined nude peep-toes and discreet jewelry. Chic, yet sexy and glamorous at the same time.

Deep neckline and leg too high

But the 28-year-old was not stingy with her charms. In addition to the very deep V neckline, there was an even higher leg slit, which emphasized her long legs on the one hand, but on the other also revealed a little too much.

The slit split the gown almost to her hip – and gave the view of a piece of the nude bikini bottom.

But on the red carpet, the maxim applies: keep smiling! Farrah then took her fashion faux pas calmly and simply kept posing for the cameras. Cool as a Hollywood pro.

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