Stewardesses disease: Can skin care be harmful?

the phrase "a lot helps a lot" does not apply to beauty products: the skin could be overnourished. But how do you notice that?

Masks, toners, or peels — there are too many treatments for a glowing new skin. More and more skincare products seem to look good, but are more and more skincare products really good?

Cosmetic manufacturers won’t tell you the dangers of using too much makeup, but that doesn’t mean your makeup won’t have side effects.

the phrase "a lot helps a lot" does not apply to beauty products: the skin could be overnourished. But how do you notice that?

If the skin is over-cared for, this can be recognized by various reactions. The so-called “stewardess’s disease” is the clearest sign that the facial skin has received too many care products. It manifests itself in nodules or blisters on reddened skin around the mouth and is therefore also known as oral rose or perioral dermatitis.

Mostly women are affected

Symptoms can also be felt on the chin and in the wrinkles that stretch from the nasal wings to the corners of the mouth. Rarely the redness appears in the area of the eyelids and nose. In the worst case, burning, pain and a feeling of tension can occur at the affected areas of the skin. Although the disease is harmless and usually regresses without scarring, women in particular suffer from facial blemishes.

But what actually happens to the skin during overcare? Beauty products can disturb the self-protection mechanisms of the skin. The result: more water is lost, the horny layer swells, the face tightens and feels dry. The vicious circle begins: those affected want to counteract with more beauty products, the skin suffers even more and in the worst case can become inflamed.

Anyone who thinks that cortisone can help is wrong. Even if the appearance of the skin improves initially with such products, it can become even worse after uncontrolled application. By the way, this is probably also where the name “stewardess’s disease” comes from: flight attendants used to bring creams containing cortisone from the USA to Germany, as they were still subject to prescription in Germany. The increased use of these creams often caused perioral dermatitis in stewardesses.

Less is more

As the disease comes, it goes again: the imbalance of the skin can be reversed by first o’tadding all care measures. Affected persons should only use warm water and, if necessary, mild soap for cleaning and under no circumstances try to cover the areas with make-up.

Of course, this does not work overnight – patience is required here, because the skin can deteriorate again if you put the funds down. Here it says: keep your eyes open and consistent, then you will succeed in the long run, as a rule after four to six weeks. If you are unsure, you should definitely consult a dermatologist. Only he can really determine which disease is involved and which therapies can help.


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