5 Ways to Feel Comfortable in Cold Autumn

Have a good time in cold weather: you need these 5 good tips.

It’s starting to get nasty out there. But that doesn’t matter. In Scandinavia, it is also dark and cold in autumn and winter – and yet everyone is doing well.

Whenever it comes to happiness, everyone talks about the Danes. According to statistics, Norwegians are at least as happy. What is the reason for this? Living by their way of life. Here are six really columinous things that, despite little light and eternal autumn and winter, make good mood:

Have a good time in cold weather: you need these 5 good tips.
Have a good time in cold weather: you need these 5 good tips.

1. A really fat blanket

You feel like going out doesn’t make much sense right now? Then cuddle up on your sofa, mumble into your new warm extra soft and super thick blanket and relax. After all, the Norwegians do the same.

2. Read a book!

Reading not only makes you smarter, but also happy. In addition, this goes nicely cozy at home with very warm blanket and a canelknuter. Concept is clear, isn’t it? By the way, point 5 fits perfectly.

3. Put on a thick sweater, man!

What’s worse than sweating? When you freeze doll. This is exactly why you should always be suitably dressed: in autumn and winter, for example, this means wearing a really soft, thick sweater. At best in Norwegian chic. Even saves the ceiling in an emergency.

4. Light up

This can be done with many small lamps or even candles or preferably both. If it is already nasty and grey outside, it should be at least bright and beautiful inside. Candles, fireplace and indirect light simply make every apartment more comfortable.

5. Cuddling with others helps

Community is a major priority in Norway. Certainly one reason why everyone is so happy. What is certain is that you are less together on your own – and can’t cuddle so well under the blanket. Therefore, best to hang out with family and friends. The ceiling of point 1 should therefore not only be fat, but also very large. Alternatively, it is best to have several blankets.

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