This is why men should eat more ketchup

Canned tomatoes have particularly high levels of lycopene, which as an antioxidant strengthens the body’s defences and can reduce the risk of cancer. In addition, however, it has another effect that could make it particularly interesting for a certain group of men.

In addition, however, it has another effect that could make it particularly interesting for a certain group of men.

In nutrition science, lycopene has long been considered a true miracle cure. The secondary plant substance destroys free radicals, which can lead to the development of lung, pancreatic, gallbladder or bowel cancer.

It is located in different concentrations in all yellow, green and especially red fruits and vegetables, where tomatoes, mainly preserved in cans or processed into tomato paste, are particularly rich in lycopene.

Heating during the preservation process means that the body can use the lycopene even better.

Men and Lycopene

Researchers at the University of Sheffield in the UK may have discovered another positive effect of the plant compound in a study. In one test, they gave 30 men between the ages of 19 and 39 highly concentrated lycopene, with 30 other men receiving a placebo.

Of course, the men did not know which group they belonged to. What the researchers found out could be of particular interest to reproductive medicine.

The quality of sperm has been significantly improved

After twelve weeks, the researchers compared subjects’ blood and sperm samples with those they had taken from them before the test phase.

As a result, Prof. Allan Pacey told the journal “European Journal of Nutrition”: “The structural improvement in sperm size and shape was dramatic.”

The reproductive physician did not want to talk about a fertility cure for men with reduced sperm quality and the desire to have children. But he said the data was quite encouraging. The study must now be repeated with a larger number of subjects to get scientifically valid findings.


Results of a Randomized Clinical Trial of the Action of Several Doses of Lycopene in Localized Prostate Cancer: Administration Prior to Radical Prostatectomy

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