Is it true that synthetic materials are dangerous to wear?

Clothes made of synthetic materials are becoming more and more common. Is it really harmful to you?

With the progress of science and technology, more and more old materials are replaced by new ones. Our clothes no longer come from fur and cotton but from synthetic materials. So, are synthetic materials bad for you?

Clothes made of synthetic materials are becoming more and more common. Is it really harmful to you?

Materials for making clothes

Clothing materials are polyester, nylon, cotton, fur, artificial fiber, etc., the specific introduction is as follows:

  • Polyester. It is an important kind of synthetic fiber, and it is the commodity name of polyester fiber in our country.
  • Polyamide fiber. It is the general term for polymers containing amide groups in the main chain repeating units of macromolecules.
  • Cotton. A raw herb having a peach-like fruit with white fibers and dark – brown seeds.
  • The fur. Of the filaments of the skins of animals and plants, and of the feathers of birds, such as feathers.
  • Artificial fibers. It is a kind of chemical fiber which is made by using some linear natural macromolecule compound or its derivative as raw material, which is directly dissolved in a solvent or prepared as derivative and then dissolved in a solvent to form textile solution, and then processed by spinning.

Is synthetic material harmful?

Some people, choosing clothes, prefer only natural materials. Others are accustomed not to worry about it and only in extreme cases look at the composition of things. Some are afraid of synthetics as fire, while others have the whole wardrobe consists of this material. We found out if and how synthetics can really hurt a person.

Proponents of natural fabrics are convinced that synthetic materials invariably cause skin problems, and sometimes even mental disorders. At the same time, people in a different warehouse appeal to medical research, according to which the fabrics made of artificial fibers such as acrylic or polyamide are not harmful. But where is the truth?

Dermatology experts do not dare to take sides but still warn: it is better to get rid of low-quality synthetics once and for all.

Due to the fact that this material does not absorb moisture well, the heat exchange of the body is disturbed. Painful because the synthetics are extremely electrostatic, during ironing, your favorite sweater can begin to emit harmful substances, and after provoking the emergence of allergies.

Despite this, doctors emphasize that in shops more and more often you can find clothing made of high-quality synthetic materials, which is hardly harmful to health. However, for a person who does not know fabrics, it will be difficult to distinguish between good and bad synthetics, so the best solution is to give preference to natural materials.

Don’t just deny synthetic materials

We hope that our clothes, tableware, and food are natural. That’s right, everyone thinks so. However, it is not right to blindly deny “synthetic products” and “artificial products”.

Austin Li from Quora gave a simple example:

I make swimwear for a living. Imagine using cotton for a swimsuit as opposed to synthetics. Getting in and out of the water will feel like you’re dragging a heavy soaked towel. It will take longer to dry, make you feel colder in the meantime, decrease your sports performance, and is more prone to the growth of bacteria.

When considering making a garment, merchants should not only consider whether it is natural or not, but also consider:

  • Convenient
  • Health
  • Keep warm or breathe freely
  • Cost performance
  • Skin allergy, etc …

Therefore, for us, it is important not to choose clothes made of “cheap synthetic materials”. In addition, some less common new synthetic materials should not be our choice.

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