These 5 wrong ways to shower can hurt your body

These 5 wrong ways to shower can hurt your body

Too hot, too long, too often – showering is not so easy. Here you can find out which mistakes you make when showering and how to do it right.

What could be nicer than a good shower? The water is at a pleasant temperature, our whole body is foamed with creamy shower gel and we rub our whole skin clean. But how many mistakes we make when showering is not known to many. The showering mistakes not only cause dry skin and a feeling of tension but also the health risks of taking a wrong shower.

These 5 wrong ways to shower can hurt your body

The 5 most common shower errors

The mistakes we make when showering are very common. Most of them will, therefore, find themselves in at least one, if not several, of these errors. We’ll explain what you should leave in the future and how you’re going to get it right from now on.

Error No. 1: Shower too hot

Especially in winter, there is hardly anything more beautiful than to come home after a long and icy walk and jump under the hot shower. The warm steam of the shower water spreads in the room and covers all smooth surfaces in the bathroom. Hach, how pleasant!

Too hot showering is one of the biggest mistakes. Sure, we don’t want to freeze when we’re naked in the shower. However, too high temperatures cause our skin to dry out. Especially in winter, where heating air and cold outside temperatures already take a lot of moisture from our largest organ, a shower too hot is not good at all. The hot water takes away too much of the skin’s natural fat film.

Tip: Simply lower the temperature five degrees lower. While we feel 40 degrees Celsius as hot and our skin does not tolerate the temperature too well, 35 degrees is already a good shower temperature.

Error No. 2: Shower too long

Showering is a kind of relaxation. It is clear that we want to enjoy them for as long as possible. Normally, the thought of water consumption or water bill ends our relaxation time. But not only the environment and the money is a good reason to turn the tap earlier, but also your own skin will thank you. Because with the length of the shower it is like with the temperature. The longer, the worse for your skin. So it’s best to reduce your shower time from 20 to five to ten minutes and use the time saved to cream you and dry your hair.

Error No. 3: Too much soap

It can’t smell too much like our favorite shower gel. That’s why we’re generous and really rub every millimeter of our body. But that is precisely a mistake. Again, you better listen to your skin. It can’t store moisture on your arms and legs as well anyway. Therefore, it is quite sufficient if you store your torso and rinse your limbs only with water.

Error No. 4: Intimate hygiene

Sure, intimate hygiene is the be-all and end-all. However, it is not enough to simply wash with your regular shower gel during the shower. Because our intimate area needs special care. Due to the special pH between our legs, we are protected from bacteria. Those who use their regular shower gel imbalance the value and make themselves vulnerable. It is even worse if you not only wash externally but also clean “in you”. Fortunately, our vagina has self-cleaning powers and does not need our support to stay clean.

Error 5: Shaving foam

The all-round shower program not only includes soaping but also shaving is part of their shower routine for many. The choice of your shaving foam is crucial. The foam you use for armpits and legs should not be the same one you use for the intimate area. Here it can lead to inflammation and pimples due to an incorrect pH of the foam. So make sure to buy the right shower foam the next time you buy a drugstore.

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