How to drive mites out of the mattress: The winter trick

Mites are invisible, but they can make your skin sick.

In winter, you can easily free your mattress from mites – by taking advantage of the cold. We’ll show you how to ventilate your mattress quickly but thoroughly!

Mites are invisible, but they can make your skin sick.

You don’t like to sleep alone? In fact, you share your bed every night with millions of visitors who make themselves comfortable in bed linen and mattresses. However, the crawling animals are so small that you can neither see nor feel them.

On average, there are 10 million mites on the bed. When you feel itching and tingling one day, your mattress may already be full of guests! This will make you feel uncomfortable all over. To be honest, your skin hates them!

This is why we want to tell you how to drive out the uninvited guests.

Mites are mainly romping around in the mattress

Apart from the bed linen – which is washed regularly – a large part of the mites romp around in the mattress. The warm and humid climate, created night after night by our body heat, offers ideal conditions for the small arachnids. That’s why the temperature is the best way to get rid of them.

In winter the mattress is particularly easy to remove from mites.

This is how the household trick works to rid the mattress of mites:

  1. Turn up the heating in the bedroom about half an hour before. This will remove moisture from the mattress.
  2. Put the mattress upright for five minutes.
  3. Now put the mattress on the balcony or on the terrace – definitely in the fresh air.
  4. Let the mattress air out there for half an hour.

Cleaning works best when the temperature is below zero and the air is dry.

Why does fresh air help against mites?

Mites don’t like the cold. They do not survive at temperatures below zero. At the same time, the cleaning method prevents the formation of mold inside the mattress – by ventilating first in warm, then in cold air, the moisture is extracted, this is the most annoying thing for mold and mites.

Therefore this method should also not be used with wet-cold weather, but only with low air humidity. This is the only way to free mites from the mattress.

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