Removing scratches from glass: These remedies help

Removing scratches from glass: These remedies help

Scratches in the glass, for example in watches, look unsightly and make the glass appear milky. In this guide, you will read how to remove the scratches again.

Removing scratches from glass: These remedies help

How to remove scratches from glass

Not all scratches in the glass can be removed. However, you can try home remedies on superficial and small scratches. Whether it works depends very much on the depth of the scratches.

It is always the case that you should first clean the glass and then apply the polishing agent in gentle, circular movements. If you can’t get any further with home remedies, you may need to change the glass, for example at the watchmaker.

Here’s what you need for polishing:

  • a soft cotton cloth
  • some water
  • a polishing agent

These home remedies polish scratched glass

With the following household remedies you can remove scratches in the glass:

  • With a swab of white toothpaste on a cotton cloth, you can remove light glass scratches. Apply the toothpaste to the glass and rub it slowly into the glass. Then wash the toothpaste with lukewarm water. You can repeat this application several times.
  • Mix water with sodium bicarbonate in a ratio of 1:1. You can get sodium bicarbonate at the drugstore. You only need a small amount of both ingredients (about one tablespoon full). Stir the mixture to a pulp. Apply it to the glass in circular movements with a cotton cloth. Remove the mixture with lukewarm water and repeat the application.
  • Clear nail polish works similarly. This fills the scratches on the glass surface. The method is only suitable for single scratches. Put a small amount of nail polish on the scratch. However, take care to apply as little as possible to the entire surface and only scratch instead. Allow the varnish to work for about an hour. This should seep into the scratch. However, you should remove the excess varnish. Use nail polish remover. Again, use as little nail polish remover as possible.


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