Should women shave their faces regularly?

Women can also occasionally shave off excess body hair with a razor.

Many women regularly reach for the blade to shave their faces as well as their armpits, legs, and genitals. The goal of the beauty trend “Dermaplaning”, which originally came from Japan, is silky soft skin and a radiant complexion. What does a dermatologist think?

Women can also occasionally shave off excess body hair with a razor.
Women can also occasionally shave off excess body hair with a razor.

Dermaplaning is similar to the barber treatment popular with men: after warm towels are laid on the face for relaxation, the obligatory foam brush is used. This distributes a thinner care lotion evenly over individual areas, which are then processed step by step with the blade – that is, shaved. Finally, a care lotion is gently massaged into the face and neck area.

DIY instructions in the network

Women and girls all over the world have long since put their hands and razors on, instructions are available in the form of video tutorials on YouTube. Particularly skilled people dare to use a real razor, but it is also common to use a simple lady shave, i.e. a lady razor.

What is the benefit of the treatment?

Dermaplaning promises a finer pored complexion by removing dead skin cells that disturb the skin. After the procedure, the make-up should be applied more evenly. For best results, it is generally recommended to shave every four to six weeks.

Dermaplaning equals peeling

STYLEBOOK asked Dr. med Timm Golüke, specialist for dermatology from Munich, how useful he thinks “Dermaplaning” is as an expert. The conclusion: The physician can certainly benefit from the method, but in his opinion, it is not particularly innovative.

“What is referred to here as facial shaving or dermaplaning is ultimately a form of peeling,” says the dermatologist. This means that the uppermost horny layer is removed and regenerates after about four weeks, and is then replaced by new, fresh skin. A further advantage: Thanks to the pre-treatment of the pores, the active ingredients could have a better effect after the care products have been used. According to Golüke, shaving not only makes sense before applying make-up but above all before applying the cream.

Method not suitable for everyone

However, sensitive or diseased skin (e.g. rosacea, neurodermatitis or acne) should not be treated with a razor. The method is also unsuitable if women have strong hair growth or a firmer hair structure for hormonal reasons. Dr. Golüke recommends these women to use a peeling glove.

Basically it is important to be able to handle the razor well and to pay attention to hygiene. If cuts do occur, they could be ignited by unclean work. The skin on women’s faces is usually softer than men’s skin, which makes undesirable irritations more likely.


Women can use razors to remove dead skin from the skin, but this is not necessary.

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