Five Methods of Restoring Circadian Rhythm

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If you have bad habits that cause circadian rhythms, such as uncontrolled eating, staying up late and waking up late, your health will decline rapidly. At this time, in order to improve health, it is extremely necessary to restore the old circadian rhythm.

Circadian rhythms involve physiological, biochemical and metabolic reactions that occur in the body in 24-hour cycles. People may notice their existence, especially during sleep periods and eating time.

According to experts, the circadian rhythm can be maintained by itself, but due to the influence of external factors, such as light, temperature and living habits, the circadian rhythm is also easy to change.

So, how does this change affect health? How to restore the same circadian rhythm? Let’s learn from the following article.

Mites are invisible, but they can make your skin sick.

What is the circadian rhythm?

In short, the circadian rhythm is a “clock” responsible for regulating all processes related to hormone production. For example, during your sleep-wake cycle, if your circadian clock works best, you will feel alert and energetic in the morning due to the following processes:

  • Cortisol production: using glucose (sugar) and fat to generate energy
  • Stop releasing melatonin, which can help you fall asleep

In addition, the circadian rhythm is also closely related to eating time and physical exercise. The habit of eating correctly at the same time each day promotes the mechanism of enzymes to produce better digestion, thereby improving the efficiency of metabolism and nutrient absorption.

In addition, when you continue to exercise at the same time of the day, your body will also develop the habit of regulating sympathetic hormones to promote rest, recovery or exercise.

On the other hand, the circadian rhythm can change depending on the phenotype of the individual and the sleep habits of the day. Chronophenotype (the time when the body is at its highest physical and mental state) is related to many factors, such as:

  • age
  • gene
  • Daily itinerary

Knowing your phenotype can help control stress and thereby regulate hormone secretion.

How does the circadian rhythm affect health?

Disorders of the circadian rhythm can seriously damage health. For example, people who work the night shift are more likely to suffer from decreased immune function, leading to a series of chronic diseases or more severe cancer. The main reason is due to lack of sleep, leading to an imbalance in the body and negative effects on hormone regulation.

How to restore circadian rhythm?

To restore circadian rhythm, you need to adjust from the scientific establishment of a sleep-wake cycle, and improve sleep quality through the following habits:

Get in the habit of not using electronics before going to bed

Exposure to light, especially blue light from electronic screens, can have a significant negative impact on melatonin production, which in turn affects sleep quality. Therefore, experts always encourage people to avoid using a computer or smartphone for at least 1 hour before going to bed.

Create a comfortable space in the bedroom

The bedroom environment (including temperature, humidity, etc.) may also affect sleep quality. Therefore, the process of restoring the circadian rhythm to the sleep cycle is essential as follows:

  • Balance the temperature and humidity in the bedroom.
  • Use low-intensity night lights.
  • Do not bring work into the bedroom. If you have the habit of working from home, work in another room.

Pay attention to nutrition

When you drink a stimulant such as alcohol or caffeine, the rhythm of nightlife is also easily disturbed. Tea and coffee are ideal for increasing daytime attention and alertness. However, if you take them after 3 pm, it will be difficult for you to fall asleep because caffeine breaks down for at least 6 hours.

On the other hand, the quality of eating and time of eating can also affect sleep. Therefore, you should try to provide your body with enough essential nutrients. Also, get into the habit of not overeating at dinner, especially before bedtime.

If insomnia is still common, try light meals with carbohydrate-rich foods before bedtime. Carbohydrates have the ability to increase tryptophan production. This is a hormone that helps produce serotonin (a precursor of melatonin).

Moderate physical exercise

Exercise moderately will make it easier to fall asleep. However, physical abuse can be counterproductive.

In addition, physical exercise is not the same as health training, usually high-intensity exercise and long-term exercise.

Therefore, if your exercise goal is to restore circadian rhythm and improve health and prolong life, consider appropriate exercise intensity and duration. You can ask a bodybuilder for more detailed advice.

Restoring circadian rhythms: essential breakfast habits

Today, for many reasons, many young people tend to skip breakfast. This is not only harmful to health but also affects the recovery of circadian rhythms.

Researchers have provided an explanation for this problem: provide the body with nutrients in the morning in response to the growth hormone-releasing hormone that causes hunger. In addition, it promotes the release of dopamine and releases some energy-enhancing hormones and releases other concentrations. Maintaining this habit will help restore circadian rhythms.

For some people, restoring circadian rhythm may be an impossible task. However, if successful, your health will be greatly improved. You can start with small changes, such as going to bed early, limiting alcohol consumption, reducing calories at dinner …

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