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2 ways to eat a calcium-deficient diet

When it comes to calcium deficiency, some people will express disdain: How can I be short of calcium when I’m so young? People who think this way generally think that they have enough calcium,...


Can diabetics drink beer?

Diabetes, a disease that requires a lifetime of sugar control, is based on diet in order to control blood sugar.  Many diabetics believe that the alcohol content is too high, drinking will certainly be...


4 Food helps you protect your liver

There is a saying in Asian countries: eat what you want to protect.  This applies to diet. For example, if a person wants to protect his own kidneys, they will eat the kidneys of...


9 fruits to help ease constipation

Of course, everyone’s bowel movement is different.  However, if you only experience defecation two or three times a week, you are more likely to suffer from constipation, and you need to learn to fight...