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Anti-aging stem cells also grow old

Stem cell is one of the most cutting-edge and cutting-edge science in life science. Since the first human bone marrow stem cell transplantation was completed in 1969, stem cell research has developed rapidly. In...


Can vinegar whiten teeth? Is this safe?

Although the healthy teeth themselves are a little pale yellow, everyone still prefers white teeth, and a smile reveals white and neat teeth, which is the goal that everyone pursues. In fact, dentists have...


Can humans live forever?

Compressing the 13.8 billion years of the universe into one year of the cosmic calendar, the earth was born in August, and the most primitive human beings appeared on the afternoon of December 31....


Global warming: humanity’s last warning?

There are two big things happening these days: First, the Nobel Prize in economics was awarded to nordhaus for his contribution to climate economics. The second is the UN’s intergovernmental panel on climate change...